What do you want your website to do for you? Design it with a specific end-goal in mind, as part of your overall on-line marketing strategy. We want you to call us, right now and tell us what you need. Have we convinced you it’s worth a call? Please feedback.

When designing your site, these are the basics: –

  1. Bet you haven’t done too much reading but you’ve looked at lots of photos and videos. That’s the way of the future and you need to generate as many visuals as you can to tell your story.
  2. Your site must be smart-phone and tablet friendly as the percentage of users accessing the net through mobile devices and buying on-line, shoots through the roof.
  3. Promote your site. Clients need to be able to find you easily. Budget for a keyword strategy, pay per click promotions, and funneling from your social media sites. SEO algorithms change daily. You need expert advice.
  • Content is King. Pack your site with useful, free, information. Edit, edit, edit. Update. Write a Blog, S.E.O loves that.
  • You need Analytics – what’s working, what isn’t, which pages are popular, which aren’t? Then change the site accordingly. This site is our work in progress, we never stop learning. And neither should you regarding on-line media, it changes everyday.
  • That’s why it’s worth paying experts, like CategoryCode to consult and build your new website, either custom made or WordPress like this one. CategoryCode builds, then marinaMmedia populates with fantastic content depending on your budget. Go on. Call us. You’ve got nothing to lose but a boring old site.