A Positioning Statement is similar to the broader Mission Statement, but is a more refined description of how you wish to be perceived by your customers (as opposed to what you do). A positioning statement also positions you in the market place, (cheapest v luxurious, fast food v fine dining) and outlines the Market Strategy you intend to follow in order to achieve and maintain your Mission.

Creating a Positioning Statement

  1. Who: Who are you?
  2. What: What business are you in?
  3. For Who: What people do you serve?
  4. What Need: What are the special needs of the people you serve?
  5. Against Whom: Why are you unlike your competition?
    (or, who are your partners?)
  6. What’s Different: What makes you different from those competitors?
  7. What’s the benefit? What unique benefit does a client get from your service? (another way of thinking about this is… what would NOT happen if your organization DID NOT exist?)

marinaMmedia’s Positioning Statement

“marinaMmedia finds, develops and shares corporate stories in strategic multi-media campaigns for small and medium sized organizations, who need affordable, refined and effective, communication strategies.

Unlike big agencies, we and our boutique partners, are proudly authentic and heartful in how we work and what we deliver, so that we build tribes of clients proud to buy into what your brand stands for.”