Think of your Brand is as if s/he were a person symbolising your Ideal Customer. Branding is the look, feel and tone of how you tell your Corporate Story; the outer characteristics of your organisation’s personality.

On a deeper level, just as someone’s outer personality comes from dearly held inner values, your organization’s Corporate Values dictate and infuse the Characteristics of your Brand.  Your Brand symbolises what you stand for, what drives you as an organization. Your Brand Characteristics also set riverbanks of what you will do and what you won’t do as a company.  Your Brand is much, much more than a logo.

Brand Identity should infuse everything you do and say as an organization. From your stationary to your staff, your Brand progresses your Corporate Story and repeats the Message, over and over, to build recognition.

marinaMmedia can take you through a collaborative Branding Process to create a Brand & Corporate Identity designed to make your company remarkable to your clients and their first choice above the competition.

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