Company & Brand Values

An organization’s Values are beliefs shared among the stakeholders.

Values drive an organization’s culture and priorities. They provide a framework in which decisions are made. The same is true of the hero of our story. What values drive him forward? What makes him shrink back?

Values set the priorities of how you do business. For example, quality over profit. What do you always do and what would you never do? Values need to be defined, prioritised and enshrined in your Vision and Mission Statements. They define how you will do business and are the building blocks of your Brand Identity.  In many organisations, Company Values and Brand Characteristics are often the same.

Defining Company Values

    • Identify what you, your customers, staff and other stakeholders value most about the MANNER in which your organization achieves its mission.
    • How does your work reflect those values?
    • How do you model those values to clients, community, staff and stakeholders?
    • When you have a tough decision to make, will you stick to your values?
    • How will you evaluate whether your values are being adhered to?
    • A good way to think about values is from the inner to the outer….
      • PRIMARY VALUE is the single most important value your organization strives for and will never compromise.
      • CORE VALUES define how the organization will be run.
      • SUPPORTING VALUES define how you interact with the community and how you communicate your story.

Remember. All organizations encourage the Values and behaviour they ACTUALLY reward. Your Values must be lived, you must walk your talk for them to be any use at all.

marinaMmedia’s Values are Primary–Hearty, get to the crux of the most valuable and touching part of the story. Our Core Values mean we run the business to be Honest, Smart, Distilling, Creative, Evocative and Valuable. We draw on the Supporting Values of Kindness and Power to get things done.

Defining Brand Values

Your Brand is a whole other story.

Brand Values, Creation and Implementation is the art and science of symbolizing what your organisation stands for with a Brand Personality, Brand Characteristics, logo, brand collateral, graphic design, look and feel. Etc. Etc. Etc.

We can help with that too. Check out the Branding tab.