Why did you start your business? What undeniable pull to create a better world, do you operate under? Why does your organization exist at all?

A Corporate Vision Statement is like the Hero’s Calling in classic storytelling structure. What higher purpose are you called to fulfill? A good Vision Statement should inspire you/staff/customers to strive for that purpose. A vision statement defines how to make a difference to customers, to the community, to the world.

Creating a Vision Statement

  • What is the real, human value your company wants to achieve?
  • A useful vision statement is not about your company, it’s about your customers. To develop a great vision, assume your company doesn’t even exist.
  • Short, maximum 15 words.

Imagine a world where…______________________________________fill in the blank.

marinaMmedia’s Vision Statement A world where people inspire each other to live, love, be and do better.

The Difference Between a Vision and Mission Statement

Ask a hundred consultants and you’ll get a hundred different interpretations of the difference between a Vision and Mission Statement. Simply…

Your Mission is what you do best every single day, and your Vision is what the future will be like because you deliver on that mission brilliantly every day. At a glance…