Social Media

Social Media is here to stay.  If you join the conversation and share useful information, social media is a critical tool in spreading your story and building your tribe of loyal customers. Business is all about relationships and these days, relationships are happening as much on line through platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, as they are face to Face…book.

Social Media for business is a new and ever changing tool to build and reach traditional audiences and to build new ones. Alongside all the familiar media channels in print, TV and radio, social Media is a critical aspect of your on-line marketing strategy.

Strategic campaigns which truly integrate ALL the on and off line channels together, work best. Twitter drives clients to your website, you advertise a promotion in the local paper and word of mouth spreads about it on Facebook.

To truly build a tribe, it’s not enough just to build a Facebook Page or website. It must be full of fantastic content, which folks want to share. That’s how the tribe builds, Content is King. You need great information, great stories specifically targeted for each channel. Together we’ll plan a campaign of content creation and a schedule of how to share it all so the news spreads like wildfire.

We can’t promise your video will go viral, but the smarter, funnier, more surprising and more interactive it is, the better the chances. The better you learn how to headline your Tweets and schedule them on HootSuite the more bang you’ll get for your 140 characters. If we’ve lost you at this point, we can explain.

The potential of social media is enormous. We’ll get you started with the basics and then help you build compelling and irresistible campaigns alongside our strategic partner MarketingRX.



  • What do we want to accomplish through Social Media? E.g. short terms sales or build Brand awareness?


  • Which sites do our target audience use?
  • Define a specific strategy for each platform. Twitter posts shouldn’t be the same at Facebook posts.
  • Connect social media outlets to each other and to our website.
  • Set up analytics to see how well we do.


  • Build tribe by promoting social media sites to existing clients.
  • Give new clients reasons to join new Social Media networks.
  • Connect with other like-minded individuals and organizations.


  • What conversations do our clients engage in?
  • What valuable information can we give our audience? For free.
  • How much content do we create ourselves?
  • Promote our own blog on social media sites.
  • Who in the organization creates content? Guidelines and Governance.
  • How much content do we share from our network?
  • Keep posting regularly.
  • Use as many visuals as you can. Photographs and Video is key.
  • Keep it personal.


  • Evaluate the effectiveness and cost of creating content and running the sites.
  • Get rid of social media tools that don’t work.
  • Try new tools.
  • Keep up to date with new developments. The Social Media landscape changes every day.