Our Story

Ever since humans could draw and talk, we’ve been creating and sharing stories.   Humans are hardwired to connect with each other and to share the meaning we find in those connections through stories.

That’s why we created marinaMmedia, to share meaningful stories about why your company can make the world a better place. Our Corporate Vision, is “To live in a world where people inspire each other to live, love, be and do better“. What’s yours?

We are fed up with spin and hard sell in marketing communications.  We cherish authenticity and honesty. We tell stories to build relationships.  We call customers to action because they care.

Our Mission is to help you cut through the clutter of jargon speak, get to the heart of your company story (edit, edit, edit) and tell it in a way that touches your clients so compellingly, they simply can’t resist you.

We also believe that bringing together boutique expertise gives you the best value for money. We have a network of suppliers we can draw from at any time, depending on your needs. Research specialists, experts in web design and creation, Category Code, ninjas in social media like Marketing RX, brand designers in Vancouver and Edmonton, with years of experience using graphic design to build ROI.

Our stable of creatives are all chosen based on their commitment to quality customer service and knowing that your success is our success.

Imagine if a bank could connect with customers heart to heart, instead of greed to fear.

Imagine if your engineers could explain their latest gadget so everyone understands.

Imagine if a used car salesman really means what he says. THAT one really IS a lemon.

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