Writing is one of the most under-rated skills on the planet, yet critical to good story telling, whether on paper, scripted on video or told face to face.

Whether you need a press release, website copy, a business plan, speech, radio-ad or article for bloggers worldwide to chat about, let us know and we can work out a plan according to your budget.

Enjoy some examples of past work: Best selling Books, Articles and Short Stories for fun. We couldn’t possibly include everything, especially business writing which is under N.D.A.


Bathroom Book of Alberta Trivia

Bathroom Book of Alberta Trivia

A Canadian Best-Seller, gracing the bathrooms of over 15 000 homes world wide. The inventor of fitted sheets was an Albertan farmer. Fascinating.

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Bathroom Book of Alberta History

Bathroom Book of Alberta History

Alongside the Book of Trivia, these Books set the template for a series of books from every Canadian Province and State of America.

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Renegade Women of Canada

Renegade Women of Canada, Wild & Outrageous

From raucous to rebellious, Renegade Women tells tales of eighteen brilliant mavericks living a level of courage that flies in the face of the establishment.

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Alberta Venture Entrepreneurial Idol

Alberta Venture Entrepreneurial Idol [pdf]

Part fund-raising boot camp, part reality TV show, Venture Prize puts would-be (and still could-be) Bill Gateses and Steve Jobses through the wringer.

Alberta Venture Biotech

Alberta Venture Biotech Boom [pdf]

“One of the best researched articles we’ve ever published”, Mike McCullough, Editor, Alberta Venture.


If you fancy some light relief from whatever you’re working on right now, read one of these.

Written to be performed in front of an audience, in five minutes, these stories are based on principles of good speech writing.

  • Hook them in with your first sentence.
  • Create a sense of anticipation in the midst of uncertainty. Drama.
  • Don’t use big fancy words. Avoid over adjective-ising.
  • Vary the pacing. Pause for dramatic effect.
  • Write in scenes the audience can imagine.
  • Chose a theme that uplifts an important human value.
  • Use present tense if you can.
  • Build a clear beginning, middle and end.

The Mink Coat – Winner Story Slam, 2011.

Belinda – Runner Up, Story Slam, 2009.