Research & Environmental Scanning

Do you really know where and how your organization stands to win or lose? An Environmental Scan and SWOT Analysis are vital audits for you to understand your organization’s current strategic position in the marketplace and wider environment.

A SWOT analysis identifies core Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to deepen your insight and knowledge of your organization’s ability to survive and prosper. And whether the targets you set, are actually achievable.


Depending on your own existing data and commissioned research we evaluate the following: –


Internal–What is in our control?

Strengths – what resources/attributes do we have which will help achieve our goals?

Weakness – what resources are missing and what negative characteristics do we have within the organization, which will prevent us achieving our goals?

External–Beyond our control

Opportunities – which external factors will help achieve our goals?

Threats – which external factors will stop us achieving our goals?


  • What do we do well?
  • What expertise do we have?
  • What resources do we have? (e.g. people, physical, goodwill)
  • How competitive are we?
  • What positive properties and characteristics do have within the organization?
  • What strategic partnerships do we have?


  • What do we do poorly?
  • What disadvantages do we have?
  • What do we lack in terms of expertise?
  • What do we lack in terms of assets or resources? (e.g people, physical, goodwill)
  • What’s missing for us to thrive?


  • What are our best prospects? (e.g market growth, lifestyle changes, new technology).
  • How critical is timing? Is the window of opportunity small, large, ongoing or time sensitive?
  • Where do we have a competitive advantage?
  • Where’s the best match of clients with what we have to offer?


  • Which external factors threaten our prospects? (e.g legislation, bad publicity etc.)
  • How do we stand against the competition?
  • Which new products or service might make us redundant?
  • How will demographic shifts affect us?

Future Strategy

Depending on the outcomes above we build a plan of how to: –

  • Build on our strengths.
  • Correct our weaknesses if we can.
  • Take advantage of opportunities with a clear, step by step plan.
  • Reduce the effects of any threats to our organization.