Video is the most powerful multi-media tool for telling your Corporate Story. We can make one for you, for less than the cost of designing a print ad. A two minute overview of your company or latest product on your website’s landing page can convert visitors to purchasers. Video applications are endless, ranging from on-line staff-training programs, to summarising your annual report, to reaching out to investors.

Some of the Videos in our gallery are made with a one person crew for less than the cost of renting a billboard . Some were shot in only twenty minutes and edited in a few hours.

These days, video is totally affordable for even the smallest company, given technological advances in equipment and the press-a-button-post-it-up capabilities of Facebook or YouTube. We can teach you how, as part of an integrated strategy.

Video even pays for itself. Video embedded into a web page boosts Search Engine Optimisation, (where you rank on a Google search), fifty three times higher than a text only page. Search engines prioritise good content and video ranks at the top of the pile.

YouTube accounts for nearly thirty percent of searches on Google. That number is only set to rise. Your company video needs to be part of the increase.

Videos can paint a million words in a few short seconds. The multi-layered force of spoken words, moving pictures, musical atmospheres and varied pacing can bring your corporate story to life in a way that no other medium can.

We’d be happy to advise you on how to build video into winning social media policy, how to go viral on YouTube, or how to use video to get your website to the top of a Google search.

We have been making every type of video and broadcast television for over 30 years – from the shortest snippet to long series of documentaries. If you need the deluxe version with the slickest production values, we’ve won awards for that type of programming too. Video is the medium of the future.

Video Portfolio