Make us care. That's the power of story. Great Corporate stories thrill and compel. In a digital world, the news spreads like wildfire.

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Why do you do what you do?

Want to be irresistible to clients? marinaMmedia finds, develops and shares stories about WHY you do what you do. The heart of your company brought to life through words, pictures and sounds in all media formats. Video, print, graphic design, branding, social media–all your Marketing & Communications needs, based on sound research and creative marketing strategy.

Modern marketing is all about building tribes of folks who buy into your vision, through the power of evocative, emotional and above all, spin-free storytelling.

The story of ‘why’ you do anything is the reason your organisation exists in the first place and the reason your customers do or don’t care about you. How you tell clients your story is the reason you will, or won’t succeed in the marketplace.

We are Marketing & Communications Strategists who help you and your company distil the story of WHY you are in business, HOW you do it differently, then, and only then, WHAT you do. Your job is to create a great product, ours is to tell the world how it will make their lives better, in real and meaningful ways. Marina Michaelides, our chief storyteller, knows how. She’s an award winning TV Producer, Best Selling Author & marketing maven.

Together, let’s get the stories straight and give your customers real reasons to buy into your brand.

We are based in Edmonton and do great work in Alberta, Canada and the rest of the world.

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